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Don’t fall short of your strategic goals due to inconsistent planning processes, lack of coordination, outdated systems, or low data visibility.

Our Story

I founded OVG in 2019 to help clients with both building plans and achieving them with a combination of process improvement, technology adoption, and a holistic approach to planning.

After many years working in consulting, enterprise  software, and finance, I’ve seen both the power of effective planning, where  everyone is rowing in the same direction, and the drag of poor planning,  where inertia, uncertainty, and conflict hinder progress.

At OVG, we believe that planning should reflect not just your industry but your unique strategy, differentiators, and culture. We provide  services focused on helping not only FP&A teams but any leader involved  in planning.

Our singular goal is to provide our clients with  maximum value on planning investments, driving growth, margins, team morale, and overall  business value.

Caleb Maxson
Founder & CEO

Trusted by clients across verticals and growth stages

Purpose-built to address the multifaceted challenges of planning

Dual Threat

We bring both functional and technical knowledge, and every person on our team both understands business and knows how to build solutions.


Nobody knows your business better than you. While our experience spans functions, industries, and technologies, we prioritize learning about you.


We always put you first, whether it’s sharing our knowledge with the team, negotiating on your behalf, or providing informed recommendations.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to your business and specific needs.

Planning technology

Deploy planning software to empower your team

With many businesses in a near constant state of planning, creating leverage with technology automates repetitive/time-intensive processes and frees you up for strategic decision-making, business partnering, and other value-add activities.

 We can help you choose, implement, and manage the right planning technology solution with superior time-to-value and minimal cost.

We are partnered with both Planful and Anaplan and are familiar with many other offerings to help you make an informed decision.

Financial Modeling

Forecast all areas of your business with confidence

We help you design and build models to connect planning across your organization, including the 3 financial statements (both direct and indirect cash flow), workforce, capital expenditures, sales/marketing pipeline, sales capacity, incentive compensation, demand planning, supply chain optimization, and more.

From simple models informed by inputs from the field to more sophisticated predictive models, we equip your team with what they need to tell both the operational and financial story and make decisions accordingly.

Finance Advisory & Support

Extend your team when you need a boost

Managing the ups and downs of finance resourcing is difficult.

We can augment your team with support ranging from project-level engagements to fractional CFO roles.

Our team has extensive practitioner experience and we can hit the ground running to save you both time and money on hiring and training for ad hoc needs.

We will advise you and your team on planning best practices that we have seen work across industries, and share knowledge and skills to force multiply capacity.

Low-Code Apps

Engage the business with low-code apps

Finance teams are expected to both coordinate across the organization and oversee technology more than ever.

In addition to planning software, we are also well-versed in Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft’s leading low-code product suite includes Power Apps, Power Pages, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Query.

With low-code, we can help you build business apps in a matter of days or weeks to cover tricky use cases such as closed loop headcount planning (Requisition->Hire), time-tracking, project operations, and other cross-functional processes that are typically difficult to manage.

These apps can be built bespoke to your needs, are accessible on mobile, and do not generate any incremental software costs on top of Microsoft 365.

Data Management

Eliminate data roadblocks to unlock insights

We help you to source and connect the datasets that are most important for planning, e.g.,customers, employees, financials, and ensure that they accurate and granular enough to provide insights.

Where needed, we’ll adapt your business processes to collect and tag data the right way. Finally, we’ll link your models together and equip your team to maintain going forward.

Spreadsheet Programming

Connect to the business with familiar tools

Spreadsheets are more powerful than ever with cloud collaboration, more computing power, business workflows, scripting, and AI capabilities.

Instead of ‘killing’ spreadsheets, embrace their power effectively on their own or in conjunction with a planning solution.

Leverage spreadsheets to share information with the business, create predictive models, manage datasets, or conduct analysis.

Engage your business partners and save money by using tools that they already know.

We are versed in a variety of software solutions to suit your needs

Spreadsheet Programming

Spreadsheets have never been more powerful, with cloud collaboration, scripting, workflows, and infinite flexibility. We use spreadsheets to extend planning collaboration, not as a band-aid.

Low-Code Platforms

Low-code platforms such as Microsoft Power Platform offer a fast and low-cost option to build bespoke apps without major investment in pre-configured software.

Planning Solutions

We are experienced with some of the most popular planning software solutions, specializing in Anaplan, and Planful. We can also provide insights on other options such as Workday (Adaptive), Oracle EPM, Abacum, and many more.

Operational Systems

We have strong working knowledge of related systems, including:

ERP: NetSuite, Quickbooks
HRIS: ADP, Workday, Bamboo
CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot
ETL: Informatica, Boomi

Our Approach

Our business value engineering approach combines management consulting, technology consulting, and operational execution.

Management Consulting
Tech Consulting
On Your Own
Value Identification
Solution Identification
Solution Delivery
Solution Adoption
Value Realization
Business Value Engineering
Business Value Engineering

We deliver you more value in less time and with lower costs

Business Value Engineering
Traditional Services
Strategy, operations, and technology expertise combined. Cross-functional and cross-system knowledge
Strategy, operations, and technology expertise separate. Function and system specialization
Iterative deployment, small teams, long-term relationship focused on continuous improvement and team enablement
Big bang implementation, large teams, in-and-out once transition is complete. Disincentive to share specialized knowledge with team
Low initial implementation costs with lean deployment, low software costs leveraging true platforms and existing solutions like spreadsheets
High implementation costs, high software costs for multiple point solutions
Weeks or months
Months or years

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes

If you have a planning challenge, we can help you solve it. Our clients range from small businesses with less than $10M in annual revenue up to global enterprises.

OVG has been instrumental in our success with Anaplan. In 2023, we underwent an ERP migration to NetSuite and without them, we’d have been back to using manual spreadsheets. The team is highly responsive with tenacious client service.

Sr. Finance Manager

Openvale has been a tremendous partner for us through the entire journey of design, implementation, maintenance, and further development. The team was focused only on delivering what we wanted from the very beginning and has been extremely responsive to our needs after implementation.

Finance VP

Absolutely the best consultants in the game. They are knowledgeable on multiple systems and understand the needs of FP&A. I would choose OVG over any other consultant firm any day.

Sr. Finance Manager

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